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The ‘Cell Zero’ is an empty room with a window always closed and the walls clear.

It ‘s the place where, according to the story of who we were, the inmates were brought, in the jail of Naples, to be beaten by some prison officers. In some cases, perhaps, even to death.

The Power of Silence is the story of two autistic monozygotic twins and their family, their suffering but also the support of parents to their children.

It ‘a history of autism and love.

The Jonathan – Whirlpool Project, on board Scugnizza, will be led by twice-world skipper Michele De Giovanni and Umberto Coppola, and will have the opportunity to experience the sharing of the emotions and responsibilities of an enviable race around the world the wonderful scenery where it takes place.

The Photographic Laboratory Project “Picture of Life”, which was born in 2012 and is realized thanks to a synergy between the Minority Justice Department, the Jonathan Onlus Association and the Manfrotto-Vitec Group, represents an extraordinary educational and training opportunity that is characterized by innovation in the landscape of interventions in favor of minors in the criminal area.

The idea behind the photo lab is that photography can represent for boys a chance of change.Experiment with a business that requires seriousness and commitment to acquire specific skills by allowing the kids to look at another perspective. The teacher of the school is the Photojournalist Salvatore Esposito.