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Support Us

Sguardo is an independent association. you can actively support association becoming a member or supporting our projects through donations.

The association will reward you with a photo 20×30 printed on fine art high quality paper and signed by the authors.

Your contribution will serve to start a new project, or promote a project already in progress.

Sguardo proposes itself even as a space open to exchanges between members and for those who want to talk about communications, joyning   our projects you will be an active partner, constantly you will be informed on the project that you have supported and your name will appear as a supporter of the initiative .
You will receive invitations to the events organized by the association too.


© 2009 – Salvatore Esposito


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© 2009 – Valeria Manzoni


© 2009 – Valeria Manzoni

You can support Sguardo by joining with a donation of €20 or supporting a project with a donation of €150.
If you choose to support a project will thank you by sending you a photo (as above) in format 20 x 30 printed on fine art paper and signed by the author.

Fill out the form in its entirety, you will receive an email with the data to make the payment.