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Project Description

Picture of Life 2017


The Photographic Laboratory Project “Picture of Life”, which was born in 2012 and is realized thanks to a synergy between the Minority Justice Department, the Jonathan Onlus Association and the Manfrotto-Vitec Group, represents an extraordinary educational and training opportunity that is characterized by innovation in the landscape of interventions in favor of minors in the criminal area.

The idea behind the photo lab is that photography can represent for boys in the “Jonathan” and “Oliver” communities, both run by Jonathan onlus, a chance of change.

Experiment with a business that requires seriousness and commitment to acquire specific skills by allowing the kids to look at another perspective.

The photo lab at the 4th edition is a challenge that promoters can count on. Experience employs high-quality professionalism and tools, and the content of the project, apart from the technique, speaks of social inclusion, integration and social cohesion; in other words, an example of social responsibility.

The first edition of the experimental project, built and produced in Naples, has produced results that allowed the model to be exported to Verona and Vicenza, New York, London. Hong Kong, places where Manfrotto is present.Photographic laboratory organization conducted by the photoreporter Salvatore Esposito is structured in theoretical and practical stages distributed over a 6-month period with a 15-minute cadence that requires a presence in community photographers who have been asked to integrate into their training activity, sharing times and community living by sleeping, dining, and enjoying the moments of leisure the community offers. A full immersion that has created a working group with a common goal.

Theoretical activities took place in community in a workshop equipped by Manfrotto and provided frontal lessons with the aim of providing the students with basic technical notions of photography. The second phase, that of putting into practice what was learned during the theoretical lessons, was organized with exits in the symbols of our city and our region. In this second phase, the boys, accompanied by an operator and photographer, are given a theme on which to build a photographic history.


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