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Project Description

The Power of Silence


The Power of Silence is the story of two autistic monozygotic twins and their family, their suffering but also the support of parents to their children. It ‘a history of autism and love.

“Elements of distortion of object relationship with stretches of isolation.” This diagnosis that Antonella and Enzo , the parents of Gennaro and Maurizio , identical twins with autism , 16 years ago they felt fall on the room of a Doctor. When both have an autistic child in the family is not obvious to have a quiet day on vacation, it is not obvious that you sleep at night, nothing is taken for granted. Autism is like a stone thrown on a family whose members threaten his nervous system . It ‘ difficult to cope with the continuing crises of nerve autistic boys , the great love of Gennaro and Maurizio , the family unity and respect the couple has carried on the family together until today. But it is not always so , many families are destroyed because there is no assistance who takes charge of the problem autistic individual and the family as a whole, for which the family is alone to combat this problem.

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  • Direction

    Salvatore Esposito

  • Photography

    Salvatore Esposito

  • Screenplay

    Salvatore Esposito

  • Editing

    Antimo Campanile

  • Music

    Andreas Russo

  • Translation

    Alessandra Orlo

  • Interpreters

    Gennaro e Maurizio Abate, Vincenzo Abate, Antonella Puocci, Flavio Abate.


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