The Documentary The Power of Silence selected for Ischia Film Festival

The Documentary The Power of Silence, by Salvatore Esposito, who tells the story of two autistic twins, has been selected for the Ischia Film Festival.


An event such as the Ischia Film Festival, arrived at the 15th edition, can not forget the most important location: its region, Campania. That’s why since this year, Scenari Campani was born, a showcase for the best of regional film production. Short, long, documentary will tell the place we live through the art we love. Always the focus for the area has been high and it also shows this year’s program.

In the contest, the worst recounts a different Napoli, as well as in the Best Section  Come  to live in Naples, Indivisibili, Falchi and Maradonapoli, in this new, uncompetitive section – here, more than elsewhere, it is important to participate before they win – comes to Ischia The best of the independent cinema of the territory, a tour of Campania in dozens of locations that finds its own port right at the Aragonese Castle, the prestigious and magnificent home of the Ischia Film Festival.

Campani scenarios emphasizes the will of the Ischia Film Festival to be more and more protagonist in the panorama of the cinema and cultural promotion of a more fertile land at a creative level: from Naples a growing number of cinemas to those that we can no longer define provinces.

From the great artistic riches often unknown – like in Natività and Mirabiles, where you go from extraordinary archeological sites to a Caravaggio masterpiece – to the identity of the cities through your crafts and citizens – A’ Faccia, Lypso, La Consegna only to list some – to futuristic and poetic visions such as (In) Felix, there are really many looks and scenarios that will be screened at the Ischia Film Festival with the ambition to become the permanent center of gravity of Campania cinema , Having achieved a national and international significance.

Here is the complete list of titles that will be presented:

Campania scenarios
Andare (Italy, 2016) by Massimo Cerrotta
La Consegna (Italy, 2016) by Vincenzo Peluso
Dog Naso di Cane(Italy, 2017) by Domenico Balsamo
Fabrizio Livigni’s Face (Italy, 2016)
Fiammifero (Italy, 2016) by Lorenzo Ambrosino
The Power of Silence (Italy, 2016) by Salvatore Esposito
(In) Felix (Italy, 2016) by Maria Di Razza
Lypso (Italy, 2016) by Vincenzo Capaldo
Mirabiles – the Guardians of Myth (Italy, 2016) by Alessandro Chetta and Marco Perillo
Natività (Italy, 2016) by Gianfranco Antacido
Parusia Napoletana (Italy, 2016) by Rosa Maietta

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